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Satelit Telkom

PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (known as TELKOM) is the largest telecommunication and network services provider in Indonesia. We serving more than 129 millions of customers nationwide, we provide a strong portfolio of information and communication services, including fixed wire line and fixed wireless telephone, mobile cellular, data and internet, and network and interconnection services, directly or through our subsidiaries.

In response to the mounting challenges in the domestic and global telecommunications industry, TELKOM have undertaken a fundamental and comprehensive transformation of our entire business, including our portfolio, infrastructure and systems, organization and human resources, and our culture. This transformation is part of our initiative to reduce our dependence on our legacy telecommunications portfolio of fixed line telephony, mobile telephony and multimedia, and encompass a broader portfolio of TIME (Telecommunication, Information, Media and Edutainment). With our commitment to ongoing innovation, we are now positioned as a strongly competitive new wave company.

One of strategic program is now developing Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network called "TELKOM True Broadband Access". TELKOM True Broadband Access will provide High Speed Broadband with Coverage, Quality, Service & Competitive Pricing to provide solution for: Home Digital Environment, Enterprise (Corporate & SME) & Government, Broadband Anywhere (OLO, Digital Broadcaster). Satellite will be an integral part infrastructure to support Telecommunication, Information, Media and Edutainment services. Satellites are essential to fulfillment of the national infrastructure of providing TIME services to all areas in Indonesia. Satellite and Terrestrial are complementary networks. Satellite will strengthen network to solve the need of lines uncovered by terrestrially-based infrastructure.

Currently, we operate the TELKOM-1 and TELKOM-2 satellites as well as 190 earth stations, including one satellite master control station. Our TELKOM-1 satellite has 36 transponders, including 12 extended C-band transponders and 24 standard C-band transponders, while TELKOM-2 has 24 standard C-band transponders. Both satellites are used for the following purposes:

> Network backbone transmission;
> Rural telecommunications services;
> Back-up transmission capacity for national telecommunications networks;
> Broadcasting and Pay TV services
> VSAT and multimedia services;
> Satellite transponder capacity leasing;
> Satellite-based leased lines; and
> Teleport (earth station up linking and down linking service to and from other
> satellites).

The TELKOM-3 Satellite is scheduled launched at June of 2012 and will have a capacity of 42 active transponders, which is equivalent to 49 transponders with 36 MHz Bandwidth. The geographical coverage of the TELKOM-3 Satellite will extend to Indonesia and ASEAN (Standard C-Band), Indonesia and Malaysia (Ext. C-Band) and Indonesia (Ku-Band). Of the TELKOM-3 Satellite's 42 transponders, 40-45% or around 20 transponders will be for commercial use, with the remainder used to boost capacity for TELKOM's TIME services.


Satellite Telkom 1



Orbital Location : 108 degree East
Space Craft : Lockheed Martin A-2100A
Launched : August 12, 1999
Designed Life Time : 15 Years
Converage : South East Asia, South China, Papua New Guinea
Transponder : 24 transponders C-Band
12 transponders extended C-Band
EIRP : 38-41 dBW (edge to peak) – C Band
41-43 dBW (edge to peak) – ext C band
Launch Vehicle :
Ariane-4 Rocket

Manufacture :
Lockheed Martin, USA

Satellite Telkom 2



Orbital Location : 118 degree East
Space Craft : Star 2 Orbital Science Coorporation
Converage : ASEAN + Beam,
ASEAN + India Beam
Transponder : 24 transponders C-Band
@36 MHz
EIRP : 43 dBW at peak for ASEAN + Beam
42 dBW at peak for ASEAN + India Beam
Transponder Redundancy :
2 groups of 15 for 12 LCTWT As
Receiver Redundancy : 5 for 3
G/T (dB/oK) :
2 at peak for ASEAN + Beam
1 at peak for ASEAN + India Beam

Satellite Telkom 13



Platform : Express 1000H
Manufacturer : ISS RESHETNEV, Russia
Nominal Orbital position : 118 deg E
Launch Schedule : End of 2011
Designed Life Time : 15 years
Payload manufacturer : Thales Alenia Space, France
Transponder : Standard C-Band = 24x36 MHz bandwidth
Extended C-Band = 8x54 MHz bandwidth
KU-Band = 4x36 MHz bandwidth
KU-Band = 6x54 MHz bandwidth
Convorage :
Standard C-Band
: ASEAN, Indochina, Taiwan, Hongkong, Papua New Guinea
Extended C-Band : ASEAN, Papua New Guinea, North Australia
KU-Band : Indonesian Archipelago
EIRP (dBW) *):
Standard C-Band
: 43.0 (Boresight)
Extended C-Band : 45.5 (Boresight)
KU-Band : 51.1 (Boresight)
G/T (dB/oK)*):
Standard C-Band
: 2.6 (Boresight)
Extended C-Band : 6.3 (Boresight)
KU-Band : 6.7 (Boresight)


Proton/Breeze-M Direct Injection
Dual Launch : TELKOM-3 & Express – MD2
Manufacturer : Khunicev, Russia
Launch Site : Baikonur, Kazakhstan


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